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Advertise your desks here and earn from the office space that you are not using. If your workers are not using your office all the time then you could be earning from empty desks.
 Enter the details of your desk below to get featured on our desk search page and interactive map.

That spare desk in your office could be earning its keep. Why not rent it out to a professional who wants to cut down on their commute to work using public transport. Just let us know the details of your desk and the type of office environment you can offer and we’ll match you with a professional looking for a local desk to work from. The majority of our clients are from corporate enterprises who are looking for professional local facilities for their employees.


We charge a flat £50 + vat registration fee (£25 + vat if registered before 31/10/21) then
a 10% per month commission per desk on any desk rentals regardless of how many
desk renters that share your desk. It’s simple, so register your empty desks
now and get them earning cash!


Get 50% off registration before end of December 2021

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