My Local Desk

Workers would prefer to work for their
current employer - just locally

Over recent months employees across industries have embraced home working. Waving farewell to city commutes, an increasing number of workers are showing a preference for local working opportunities. Having experienced the benefits of cutting their commutes, including financial incentives and more time to spend on productive tasks, these individuals are calling for their employers to join an office evolution which promises to permanently change the world’s understanding of a positive work/life balance.

By allowing their employees to cut unnecessary commutes and stay local, employers can foster loyalty and employee
retention. Public priorities are changing and if businesses want to keep up, they need to respond to this rising demand. However, as 51% of our survey respondents said that they miss social interaction with colleagues when working from home, it’s clear home working isn’t a sustainable long-term solution – employers need to get creative. With our help, businesses can find a manageable and fulfilling answer to the question “What should we be doing for our staff?”.

If you’re interested in working locally or renting out desk space, get in touch with our team today 🧏.
Author: Giles