My Local Desk

Find an office on your doorstep

Have you ever heard someone say “I could so easily do my job at home!” or “I wish I could shorten my commute…”. Sadly, many of us are required to undertake long commutes every day – commutes which we don’t enjoy. In fact, according to our recent survey a whopping 42% of us would like to avoid commuting via public transport. Doing the same job, without a dull and expensive journey, is something that most of us strive for.
From parenting demands to feeling exhausted by extensive travelling, there are lots of reasons behind this widespread disliking for commuting. That’s why more employees than ever before are calling for their current employers to embrace local opportunities, allowing them to fulfil their duties closer to home.
Fortunately, businesses have come to recognise the benefits of flexible working over recent months. More specifically, employers have experienced the productivity that can be achieved whilst their employees work remotely. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are allowing their team members to work in offices which are more local their homes – enhancing employee satisfaction in turn.
If you’d like to cut your employees’ commutes, consider embracing the benefits of My Local Desk 🙌.
Author: Giles