My Local Desk

Could you be a Desk Landlord?

My Local Desk is looking for businesses with spare office space to rent out their desks, in accordance with all government guidelines. As a unique match-making service, we pair businesses with people who are looking to work in spaces which are more local to their homes. As a Desk Landlord, you maximise the use of office space which would otherwise go to waste 🙌.
The UK’s approach to office-based working has been transformed. Employees are now looking for more flexible work opportunities, whilst employers are considering how they can facilitate a safer, more considerate version of their businesses’ previous routines. The answer is simple: allow your employees to cut their commutes, avoid public transport and stay local – all whilst enjoying the perks of a professional environment.
If you’re an employer looking to improve employee retention and satisfaction rates, get in touch with us today. We are the answer.
Author: Giles