My Local Desk

A new perspective?

As businesses open up and workers start to commute back into the office, many are finding themselves in a hybrid situation – that’s basically working from home (some at the kitchen table) for a couple of days a week and back in the office for the remaining days.

Whilst reports have shown that some employers are now investing in the hybrid home / office set up – with new chairs, desks and screens, for many, their employers aren’t as generous, and they’re in a situation that is far from ideal. There are those working from shared houses or flats who have to endure poor seating and interruptions while others feel the burn of isolation of working from home. Then there are the workers who aren’t fortunate enough to have the facility to take a trip to the office and are stuck at home indefinitely, well for the foreseeable future, without human interaction, no water-cooler moments and no banter!
So, what are the options for those who like the idea of hybrid working, but don’t like the idea of being stuck working at their kitchen table?

Well, there is a solution, there are plenty of small businesses up and down the country who have, for whatever reason, got spare desks that they could quite simply rent out to these hybrid workers. Imagine that – a readymade office just a short walk from home! The concept of getting work out of the home is a major motivator for many, mainly commuters, looking to simplify their working life. In many cases, moving the office out of the home will also help workers to return their home life and working hours to normal levels. Many workers have been driving themselves too hard. Working long hours without regular breaks, at the kitchen table can’t be good for health, mental or physical. It’s time that they reclaimed their lives. is now onboarding desks from towns on the Abelio Greater Anglia line from London Liverpool Street to Ipswich. If you have a desk that doing nothing, rent it out!

Author: Giles